Church Review Notes April 2018

The Parish of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen
Canon Mark Gardner (Editor) Tel: 01 454 2274 Mobile 087 266 0228
Review Distribution: Margery Bell Tel: 01 4542067
Organist: Derek Moylan

Service times every Sunday
10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen, Cornmarket. (Parking in Francis Street is free on Sundays)
11.30 Eucharist (and Sunday School, in term time) St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue.
(Family Service and Church Coffee, usually Second Sundays)

While works continue in St Audoen’s Park the only access to the Church will be through the OPW Visitor Centre gate on the High Street.

Requiescat John Bacchus Dykes

1 Now the laborer’s task is o’er;
Now the battle day is past;
Now upon the farther shore
Lands the voyager at last.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
2 There the tears of earth are dried;
There its hidden things are clear;
There the work of life is tried
By a juster Judge than here.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
3 There the penitents, that turn
To the cross their dying eyes,
All the love of Jesus learn
At His feet in Paradise.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now thy servant sleeping.
4 There no more the powers of hell
Can prevail to mar their peace;
Christ the Lord shall guard them well,
He Who died for their release.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
5 “Earth to earth, and dust to dust,”
Calmly now the words we say;
Left behind, we wait in trust
For the resurrection-day.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.

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Pearse Lyons, the Irish-born entrepreneur who founded the hugely successful Alltech animal nutrition group, has died in Kentucky at the age of 73.
Mr Lyons had been unwell since November when he entered hospital in the US for routine heart surgery. He suffered complications during his recovery and died on Thursday.
His son, Mark Lyons, who is chairman and president of the group, said he is “deeply saddened”, but vowed to continue his father’s work.
“He saw farther into the horizon than anyone in the industry, and we, as his team, are committed to delivering on the future he envisioned. He planted seeds that will produce a bountiful harvest for the world in the years to come,” said Mr Lyons.



Just want to give a quick update on where we are.

1. We have received posters and postcards from DCC – thanks to Fran and Mary and these are being dropped into local shops and businesses for them to display
2. We are continuing to get new expressions on interest in participation and Cle Club, Synge St School, Irish Heart Foundation, Marie Keating foundations and Harold Cross Hospice have also come on board
3. Scoil Treasa and St Catherines have offered to send postcards home with pupils, while all visitors to Credit union are getting leaflet
4. Local News has carried the poster in this issue and I have sent to other local media and Sunshine Radio will give us a plug next week
5. Lord Mayor will be in attendance and local representatives have been informed
6. I am hoping to get Fire Tender and crew down for kids to get pictures
7. The Cle Club will perform some ttraditional music
8. It appears the on-line social media campaign is going well, so please keep pushing that
9. Finally, a number of local businesses have come on Board and we have a number of prizes including vouchers, lunch offerings, and cash and I hope a new more will agree before the day.


Finally, thanks to all involved and if you could give one big final push before next week, I think we may have the start of something for the future






Dear All,

The Annual General Body Meeting of Holy Trinity CSI Congregation Dublin was conducted on 24th February 2018 at our Church.
– Rev. Alex Yesudas (Manchester) presided over the meeting.
– Annual Report 2017, Accounts 2017, Budget 2018 were approved
– The Constitution for the Congregation was approved at the meeting.
– Decided to open a bank a/c
– Church Website : Vishal Raju and Satish Stephen were entrusted to create a website for the church

– UK-Ireland Family Conference Representatives : The following persons were elected as Representatives for the UK-Ireland Family Conference 2019 to be held in Manchester.
Koshy Varghese
Mathew P Thomas
Joshy Philip Zacharia
Jane Deepa Edwin

Church Committee 2018

Mathew P Thomas ( Church Secretary )
Koshy Varghese ( Joint Secretary )
John K Uthup ( Church Warden)
Sibu Cherian Koshy ( Treasurer & Junior Choir Coordinator)
Dale Mammen ( Internal Auditor)
Kenson Jacob (Cottage Prayer Coordinator)
Anu Johnson (Choir Leader)
Vishal Raju (Website Coordinator)
Smitha Kenson (Choir Secretary)
Jane Deepa Edwin (Women’s Fellowship Coordinator)
Liji Mathew (Sunday School Headmistress)
Roopa Esther Philip ( Sunday School Teacher)
Blessy Varghese ( Sunday School Teacher)
Sherin Moses ( Sunday School Teacher)

Thank you all for the wholehearted support and prayerful co-operation in the church activities.
Congratulations to the new office bearers.
May God bless the new Committee to fulfill its responsibilities.

Signing off with prayerful regards,
John K Uthup


If you rejuvenate it they will come
For many decades now Meath Street have been allowed become an unloved street. It is one of the most important city streets in the capital. A street which was first born in the 1600’s and still to this day almost 400 years later it still has a something special and untapped. Our campaign wants to see the streets, shop fronts the market traders returned to a once triving market street like so many other market streets and squares in other European cities. At the core of the plan is the proposal to create a pedestrianised Market Zone during certain hours on a Saturday for a flourishing street market to grow. The knock on effect of this to is two-fold for the local economy with a huge increase in locals returning to Meath Street and secondly also capturing many of the new tourists who crisscross the Liberties on their way to the Guinness Store house. It can become a becon for change in the Liberties. It only takes one person to have an idea. The people will make it a reality.

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